2009 Route Map (Marmaris to Orhaniye to Finike and back to Marmaris)  



Map showing all the main centres visited during our 2009 cruise



The blue square highlights our Leg 5 area



We sailed from Kas with a light north west wind, unfortunately once we cleared the inshore islands we found a large swell running which knocked the wind out of our sails. This is a problem we have experienced on many occasions, where the meltemi in another part of the Med has created the swell and it hits us from a totally different direction from the prevailing wind. We have only 25 miles to run but to add to our woes we find there is a one point five knot current running against us so it's engine on and harden in the main sail to act as a damper to the rolling. However on the plus side the sun is shining and the crew isn't complaining.









Chart showing the various anchorages  we visited in Kekova Roads



We entered through the west channel and as we were motoring we decided to have a quick look around and get our bearings before dropping the hook.








  Looking over to the West Channel Entrance   from inside the bay





 We decided to enter the inner lagoon and anchor as our friends Pam and Ted from the yacht Radha were already there at anchor and they have invited us to 'sundowners'. No more encouragement required. 






  Looking down into the Lagoon from the castle




The lagoon is well protected from the meltemi and the holding (anchor) is excellent, so we spent a few days here chilling out, as they say. The chilling out was interspersed with trips ashore and visits to our friend's boats for the odd refreshment.

But Kekova Roads holds lots of historical interest and we wanted to visit a number of the sites.






The Castle viewed from the bay





First on our list was the castle at Kale Koy. The castle is a magnificent building which stands out partly because of its location with the battlements outlined against the skyline and also the layout within. We are fortunate here because there are a number of restaurants beneath the castle which have jetties you can tie too for free providing you eat in their restaurant.







  Alba Voyager at the restaurant jetty below the   castle





The climb up to the castle is a short but steep walk very hot on a summer's day but you are rewarded with magnificent views of Kekava Roads from the battlements.







  Looking down into the anchorage from the   Castle Battlements












This small theatre is situated inside the castle






Opposite Kale Koy on the island of Kekova Adasi, there are the remains of a sunken city which can be viewed partly on land and partly through the crystal waters round the island. The area is very much protected and no diving is allowed. Water levels have risen considerable since the city was inhabited around 3000 years ago.

    Protected Site No Diving Allowed


              The outline of some of the houses that remain above sea level can be clearly seen

You are not allowed to anchor in the vicinity of the sunken city so we decided to sail along the coast to Tersane Cove which was another of the sites we wanted to visit.







  Tersane Cove with its crystal clear water






At the head of the cove you can just make out the remains of a Christian Byzantine Church. We anchored here and intended staying for the night but unfortunately just after dark the wind rose making the anchorage dangerous as there is very little room and we were afraid be might hit another boat. So it was up anchor and move to somewhere with a bit more room. We anchored at a place called Polemos Buku at the west end of the bay where there is plenty of room and there spent a very windy night.







In the morning we motored back down to Woodhouse Bay this is a small bay surrounded by a number of rocks which give you protection but make for a pretty difficult entrance.


  Woodhouse Bay


It is reckoned that the bay got its name from the small wooden hut which sits close by the shore. The hut is clearly marked private so maybe someone uses it as a summer house.


                    Someones pride and joy                          Alba Voyager anchored in Woodhouse Bay

Before leaving Kekova Roads there's a few little highlights we would like to share with you.











Anne says 'come up and see this big yacht' and I say 'oh! yes that is a big yacht'.


















Combined Shower and Lampost. Who said water and electricity don't mix?











'The Old and The New'. When you look at the house you would think the last thing they need is a satellite dish


We leave Kekova Roads sailing south and east towards our next port of call 25 miles distant, the town of Finikie. Finikie has a proper marina and friends we wintered with in Sibari Italy in 2006/7 now have this as their cruising base. We haven't given them any warning of our arrival and are hoping to surprise them.







The Anchorage just outside the marina






We didn't berth in the marina as the weather was settled as you can see from the photographs and like marinas everywhere they are expensive. We dropped our anchor in the anchorage just outside the marina and used our dinghy to get ashore.

Finikie is not one of Turkey's main tourist destinations and bases its livelyhood on agriculture. This makes for a change of waterfront where the beach isn't covered with sun parasols and sunbeds. The buildings you see in the picture are flats and not hotels and the people you meet in the street are locals and not tourists.




  Finikie Waterfront from the anchorage




We spent three days in Finikie visiting our friends, going to the local market and generally browsing the town. This was the zenith of our cruise south and from here we would start our return journey back to Marmaris visiting again many of the places we had visited on the way down. The sailing hasn't been great with a lack of wind being the main problem but the weather has been perfect and we have visited and seen so many wonderful places, so we mustn't complain. We have planned to visit some inland sites of interest this winter which will be a nice diversion from the usual boat maintenance. But before we leave you we thought we would like to share the next photograph with you.







  Large Turkish Flag painted on the hillside   above   Finikie






The flag painted on the hillside is the size of one of the buildings in the foreground, if not bigger. At least anyone sailing from Cyprus or Egypt should be in no doubt they have arrived in Turkey if they made their landfall here.


















2009 Cruise Leg 5 (Kekova Roads to Finikie)