2009 Route Map (Marmaris to Orhaniye to Finike and back to Marmaris)  



 Map showing all the main centres visited  during our 2009 cruise



The blue square highlights our Leg 2 area




  This map shows Leg 2 of our cruise Marmaris    to Orhaniye to Rhodes to Ekincik to Gocek











 After my return from the UK we set sail once again from Yacht Marine to Orhaniye and Marti Marine for our haulout and antifouling. We had an overnight stop  at Serce a small mushroom shaped bay on route and spent a quite night at anchor. In the morning we set off for Marti arriving mid afternoon and this time I am pleased to say everything went according to plan. The work was completed and we were back in the water for Tuesday 9th June. We spent the next day in the marina tidying up, taking on water and getting the boat generally ready for going to sea.



   Alba Voyager in Mandraki Harbour Rhodes








From Marti we sailed to Rhodes having a superb sail, the type you read about in the sailing magazines, F5 with the wind with us all the way and the boat absolutely flying. The main reasons for calling at Rhodes are the availability of cheaper diesel and booze, we would estimate to save about 250€ on the two commodities. The diesel saving was the equivalent of 30€ cents per liter cheaper than Turkish prices.

Rhodes is a beautiful town but unfortunately it gets over crowded with tourists mainly from cruise ships which visit the island. So having completed our business we set sail to return to Turkish Waters and a new place for us Ekincik.













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Ekincik is a large bay with a number of anchorages and we visited three during our stay. If you click on the map and then on the symbol when the new map opens you will get details of each.



   Ekincik Bay, note the line tying us back to the shore







Ekincik Bay is a beautiful open bay remote from any habitation. It has a small sandy beach where a cool fresh water spring flows from a pipe emerging from a stone wall, just the thing after a swim. The bay gets very busy with gullets (traditional Turkish boats normally on charter) and you have to tie back to the shore to stop the boat swinging, this allows more boats into the limited space.



                The beach at Ekincik Village                   One of the many restaurants along the water front

Ekincik Village has a large sandy beach (volcanic sand) and attracts a large number of turtles who come during the breading season to lay their eggs. We saw quite a few but of course they waited until I had put away the camera before putting in an appearance. The village is very small with only one supermarket (about the size of a corner shop) but boasts about six restaurants and the same number of bars all of which depend solely on tourism and close during the winter months. We picked the Ottoman Kitchen and weren't disappointed. We spent a few days here swimming  and walking ashore before moving on to our third and last stop in the area Ekincik Marina. 



   Alba Voyager alongside in Ekincik Marina







Ekincik Marina is the most modern marina we have visited so far in Turkey, it is also the most expensive but we had already been warned. A nights berth for Alba Voyager is 70YTL about £30 but if you agree to eat in the marina restaurant and book a table on entry the berthing charge is waived. So no contest we were eating in the restaurant! The marina is in a delightful setting with steep pine woods slopes down to the shore line, the water is crystal clear and an area is set aside for swimming.


   View from the restaurant over the bay







The highlight of our stay must be our dinner in the restaurant, we could have been in a top restaurant in London, Paris or New York. It wasn't cheap but it was worth every Kurush (penny). The restaurant is situated overlooking the bay and we arrived just before sunset and were able to watch the sun go down while enjoying a true 'sun downer'.



                       Service was First Class                    and    The food was some of the best we've tasted


Unfortunately our budget couldn't allow us a longer stay in the marina and in the morning we said our farewells and set sail for Gocek about 30 miles to the east. Gocek lies at the head of a very large bay, or should I say cruising ground as many yachties spend their whole summer cruising the bay. In Leg 3 of our cruise we will cover all the places we visited.











2009 Cruise Leg 2 (Back to Orhaniye, Rhodes, Ekincik and Gocek Bay)