2009 Route Map (Marmaris to Orhaniye to Finike and back to Marmaris)  




Map showing all the main centres visited during our cruise


The blue square highlights our Leg 1 area  


Before starting our cruise proper this year we had to have Alba Voyager hauled out of the water to have her bottom painted with a special antifoul paint (stops marine growth from attaching it's self to her bottom). We had decided to haul out at Marti Marina near Orhaniye about 50 miles from Marmaris. It has been 2 years since her last haul out and Marti's price was about 200€ cheaper than Yacht Marine. So we decided to build this trip in as part of our summer cruise although it would take us in the opposite direction to our intended route.

                             Map for Leg 1


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  The Citadel guarding the entrance to the bay  







We departed Yacht Marine on the morning of the 29th April and had a pleasant sail to our first over night stop at Bozuk Buku a large bay with several anchorages. The entrance to the bay is guarded by the ancient citadel of Loryma which has now been restored. The bay has a number of restaurants covering the various anchorages and the 'boat boys' come out touting for you to eat in their restaurant. That night the wind got up to blow strongly and we ate on board while keeping an eye on the anchor.



   The Anchorage at Kizil Adasi







In the morning the wind had dropped to a breeze and we departed for Bozburn only a few miles round into the next bay, we weren't due in Marti Marina for a couple of days so there was no hurry. We anchored in a small bay about a mile short of Bozburn in the company of only one other yacht. As you can see from the photograph it was a beautiful tranquil spot. Note the Byzantine ruins on the island in the background, so somebody must have lived here in years gone by. In the morning we would sail on to Marti.



   The Anchorage opposite Marti Marina





The wind gods were absent during our day sail to Marti and we had to motor all the way. However the scenery on route was pleasant and we had a delicious salad lunch on the level due to the lack of wind. On arrival at Marti things went downhill fast, we radioed the marina to announce our arrival and were advised the marina was full and they couldn't lift us out for at least three days. As I was flying back to the UK in two weeks time that was going to make our schedule tight but it could be done. We moved to the anchorage opposite the marina and settled into three days of doing ...well ... very little. Well the three days came and went and still we couldn't be lifted. As time was now running out we decided to return to Yacht Marine at Marmaris and return to Marti on my return from the UK. As Anne would be on her own during this time she was much happier with a place she was familiar with. So on the morning of Wednesday 6th May we set sail to return to our starting point. A day later we tied up in our old berth feeling a bit let down, but it wasn't the end of the world and we would live to fight another day!









2009 Cruise (Leg 1 Marmaris to Orhaniye and Back)