Sibari Refit






Having completed our winter refit and back in the water it was time to make our departure. Our winter in Italy has been quite and relaxing with good weather, compared with the U.K. that is. As ever you meet and make friends with a number of the cruisers who are also wintering in the marina and it is always a difficult time when it comes to say goodbye to them. For those of you who get to read this, you will be in our thoughts for a long time to come, we wish you good sailing.

     Saying our goodbyes

Sibari Marina is an excellent marina to winter, very sheltered with excellent facilities and helpful staff. However there is one drawback, the channel leading from the sea to the marina silts up during the winter and has to be dredged in spring before the first boats can leave.

     Opening the channel

We accompanied a Swiss boat down the channel and were the first boats to leave. Our crew for this first leg over to Greece were, Susie (daughter), Dom (partner) and Beth an American friend of Susie, all except Beth had sailed before so they quickly settled into boat routine. We were heading 38 miles down the coast towards the toe of Italy to a harbour at Ciro where we would over night before crossing over to San Leuca on the heal of Italy. Then it will be on to Corfu and Greece for the 2007 summer cruise.




















Winter 2006/07 Sibari, Italy