Statue of Vasco Da Gamo

Thursday 22nd September   We arrived in Sines about 6 o'clock in the evening after motor sailing all the way from Cascais due to very little wind.  This would be our last port on the Atlantic coast of Portugal before heading for Cabo de Sao Vicente (Cape Saint Vincent) and turning left (east) into the Algarve.  Sines turned out to be a gem, for a start the marina was the cheapest (by far) we had been in so far at only 18 Euros per night.  The staff are very friendly and the facilities were excellent.  This was the first marina since leaving Rhu to offer an internet LAN service and it was included in the price.  This meant we could up-date all our e.-mails from our laptop on the boat and make telephone calls through Skype (the internet telephone service). Great!!!.  When you are travelling and continually changing location little things like this mean a great deal, it usually takes a few days to find out where everything you need is in a new town.  Sines was the birthplace of Vasco Da Gama who found the sea route to India in 1498 round Cape of Good Hope.  His statue stands in front of the old fort with him looking west out to sea over the Atlantic. 

   Cape Saint Vincent

We spent 3 days here and would have been happy to spend longer but as the weather was settled and we still had Cape St Vincent to round it was time to move on.  We sailed on Sunday morning with a north west wind about F3-4 and glorious sunshine.  Sines to Cape St Vincent is about 60 miles then a further 10 miles to the harbour at Sagres where we will make an overnight stop before heading for the marina at Lagos.  The sail down to and round cape St Vincent turned out to be one of our best, after rounding the cape and getting out of the Atlantic swell we managed to reach 9 knots, our fastest since leaving the UK.  We dropped anchor in Sagres harbour at 6 o'clock feeling very happy with ourselves having now rounded Cape St Vincent and reaching our goal of being in the Algarve for the month of October.  Tomorrow we will head for Lagos marina where we hope to meet with our friends Geoff and Pamela who left Inverkip about the same time as us, this will be our third time our paths have crossed.

We intend spending the month of October cruising the Algarve, visiting the various marinas and anchorages available before deciding where we will spend the winter months.  By the time we come to write our next log we should be safely tucked up in some nice spot and looking forward to our first Christmas abroad.


Albufeira marina village, this is one we felt we just had to share with you.  This place puts Tobermory into a cocked hat.  I'm sure if we stay here long enough we'll bump into Noddy and Big Ears.  Anne doesn't want to leave as we have Sir Cliff Richard's boat on the same finger pontoon as Alba Voyager and he is due down next week.  That will be good, if it rains we can join in with the chorus of " We're all going on a Summer Holiday"

 The Marina Village at Albufeira Or is it Toy Town ? 















Lisbon to the Algrave