Wednesday 6th July  This morning we depart for Brixham.  We have spent the last two weeks in Falmouth and enjoyed every minute.  During our stay here the Trafalgar celebrations were going on just a few miles up the coast and we had many of the old traditional boats visiting Falmouth after the event.  It's a joy to watch them being handled under sail, it puts to shame many of our marina sailors who can't go anywhere today without their bowthruster.  They say you learn something new everyday and today I learned that news of our victory at Trafalgar was first received in Falmouth (by sea) and a rider was then dispatched to London to bring the news to the capital.  In  light of today's communications we often forget what it must have been like back then and how limited information must have been.  Is this a good argument for the invention of The Mobile Phone?.  I leave the answer  with the reader.  Another thing we very much enjoyed was The Cornish Pasty, this has its history in the Tin Mines of Cornwall when miners had their lunch wrapped in shortcrust pastry and cooked as a pie.  If you ever visit Cornwall then I strongly advise you to try one, there great!  For our sail to Brixham (73 miles) we had the wind gods on our side for the first time in  many weeks and had a cracking sail.  The sea was a bit lumpy with an Atlantic swell coming in from the Southwest and the offshore waves from the Northwest but we still managed to log 9 knots at one point.  The tide was in our favour for the first six hours then turned against us, but as the flow is not too strong with exception of Start Point it did not bother us too much.  The approach to Brixham was straightforward and we entered the harbour at 6pm. and secured a berth at the Town Pontoon (£15.00).  The pontoon had water and electricity but you had to use the public toilets, we showered on board.


Friday 8th July  Departed Brixham at 06.00 for Poole (66 miles).  We enjoyed our short stay in Brixham, the weather was very warm and the place has a strong holiday atmosphere.   There was plenty to do and see and lots of interesting local shops.  The replica of Drake's Golden Hind is moored in the harbour as a static exhibition.  The last time I saw this boat she was berthed in Troon Marina, more money to be made down here, I guess.  We have heard about the urban fox, well in Penzance, Falmouth and Brixham we have witnessed the urban seagull.  They are very aggressive and will, given the chance take the food off your plate while you are still eating it.  We witnessed this in one restaurant and have also seen them walking into crowded food shops in the hope of something to eat only to be chased out again.  If you are eating fish and chips in the open they will follow you around like a hungry dog, they are a real pest.  Our sail to Poole was reasonably good having a fair wind most of the way (WF3).  We got the first chance to try out our new whisker pole in earnest, and it works well, but will need a downhaul rigged (just another job to add to the list).  We had an adverse tide from Portland Bill to Poole and here it can run up to 3kt, so during the last part of our sail we made slow progress.  Poole harbour is shallow in many places and is also extremely busy with a number of large ferries coming in and out to add to the excitement.  We were looking for the Royal Motor Yacht Club where we had arranged a mooring.  We found the yacht club no problem but as it was after 19.00 hours the boatman had finished for the night, so we had to set off and find mooring C3 somewhere in the bay on our own.  Fortunately we quickly worked out the mooring system and found C3.  The tide runs very strongly through the moorings, after picking up the buoy it was still registering 2.5 knots on the log.  We contacted Stuart (my son) to say we had arrived safely and we would meet up with him in the morning.

In Poole we were boarded by Pirates (although they looked a bit like our Grandkids)


Saturday 9th to Friday 15th July  Our reason for coming to Poole was to join in a family party on the 12th July.  We stayed a week, part of which was forced due to a leak developing in the engine water cooling pump, Perkins were very good and sent a replacement Next Day Delivery which we fitted and are now back to normal.  It was great seeing and being with all the family, the birthday party was a great success with everyone (including grandchildren) joining in during the day and the adults enjoying dinner in a first class French restaurant in the evening.  We also very much enjoyed meeting up with old friends Jimmy and Rhona who drove down from Salisbury to spend an evening with us.  Hopefully the next time we see them all we will be safely tucked up in the Algarve where we intend to winter.  Our stay at the Royal Motor Yacht Club was very hospitable, they could not do enough for us, but we found Poole Harbour too busy with hundreds of motorboats and jetskis going past where we were moored constantly at about 10 kt causing a great wash, very annoying.  This part of Britain along with the Solent is supposed to be Britain's mecca for boating, well for what my opinion is worth I would not change it for the West Coast of Scotland if you paid me (they do have much drier weather though).

Tomorrow the start of a new chapter...........France







Falmouth to Poole